Thursday, August 9, 2012

Word Work

Ideas for WORD WORK during The Daily 5.

Here is great word work freebie!! Its from Julie at Fabulous Firsties.There are so many cute ideas and this will be perfect for word work during the daily 5! 
 Click here to get a free copy at TPT! Thanks Julie!

I want to do this!
I got a hole bunch of these paint colors from Home Depot.
Now I need to make them!

Thank you whattheteacherwants for all these great ideas!

Here's a close-up of some of the labels:
Click {here} to download

Use  a menu they can glance at too:
Click {here} to download

I love the ideas from Growing Kinders and What The Teacher Wants.
They are AMAZING. Go to their blogs and check it out.

Creating a PASSWORD idea!
Every week, introduce the kids to two new sight words. Put a sign on the outside of the door that looks like this:

                               She made three versions –
image image image
Click here to find her link and FREE downloads.

This one is from What The Teacher Wants
Her idea:
Here's the breakdown. Post a laminated "Today's Password" poster outside of your classroom.  Each day, with a wet erase marker, write a different password on the poster and as your kiddos enter the room, they need to whisper it to you!  Well since they have to be able to write it also, I made a "Password of the Day Book".  After they whisper it to me, they need to go write that word in their book!  

This is the fun part!


Put the chants on popsicle sticks.
Growing Kinders made labels for you

Free Kindergarten sight words <here>.

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