Sunday, October 28, 2012

50th Day of School

Hip Hip Hooray!  It's the 50th Day! 
Grab your root beer floats and bubble gum
Let's celebrate 50 days of learning fun!

Look at my Cutie Patooties!!!!

"The Stroll"

Sock Hop


We created our own DRIVE-IN THEATER!!
We created 50's Ford Mustangs from boxes to sit in while watching our movie.
 We ate popcorn and drank root beer floats while we watched our movie.
We watched Alice in Wonderland since it was made in the 1950s.

Sorry this picture is dark but it was "night time" out for our drive-in!

Yummy Root Beer floats!

Legos were invented in the 50s: what can you build with 50 Legos?

We made adorable 50s kids blowing bubbles and holding a real record!
We created record labels that said, 
"We celebrated the 50th Day 1950s Style! student name"

Community Helpers

Community Helpers Unit:
We learn about community helpers in our neighborhood 
and have a variety of workers visit our school.
During this unit, students are asked, 
"What do you want to be when you grow up?"
At the end of the unit, each student comes to school dressed up as what they want to be and does a small presentation. We also have a parade at our school.

Click HERE to download it for FREE!
(There are many more cute pages)

Scholastic has a great site where you can
 read interactive books about community helpers.
Click here to access the site.
This is an example below:


Level A, Community Club
Discover, through the words, images, and audio of this engaging read-aloud, how a veterinarian cares for animals large and small.

This is another great website with 
community helper power points and games.
Click here to access website.


Note: these are NOT my ideas or pictures.
 I got them from Growing Kinders.

These are the Community Helpers who came to our school.
We have different helpers each year.
Santee Firefighters

I dressed up as a firefighter!!

 Police Officers

 Some of my little cuties:
Dolphin Trainer
Military Worker
SWAT Officer


Baseball Player

Construction Worker



I love these Youtube videos!
Who are the people in your neighborhood?

Bus Driver and Dentist

Pilot and Nurse

Elevator Operator and Pharmacist 

This is a video we made on PIXIE of our Community Helpers Unit below:

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

In this class...

I saw a lot of these cute ideas "In this class..." on Pinterest and
 decided to create my own to make it more meaningful.
Click here for your own copy. 

I put it in a frame and on a shelf as you enter my classroom.

The Daily 5 for Dummies

If you are just beginning The Daily 5 or need a quick summary, read

It is a day by day guide to the management strategies for the books
The Daily 5 and CAFE 
by Joan Moser and Gail Boushey.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween Number Match

Halloween Number Match & One-to-One Correspondence with Nu Halloween Number Match & One-to-One Correspondence with Nu Halloween Number Match & One-to-One Correspondence with Nu
Thumbnail Examples

We are learning about shapes in the beginning of the year.
This is a really fun and engaging project to help learn about all the 3D shapes.
We collected objects.

We brainstormed how we can build it.

This is it! the kids decided on every single placement!!!
They are so creative!!!!

Let the BLACK painting begin!

WOW! Look how great it looks all black!

Next, we started adding spooky items to our haunted house
(we got most of the items form the Dollar Store).

Last, add cobs webs!

We put some skeleton lights on it (from the dollar bin at Target)
and glow sticks.

The final assessment:
Bring kids back one at a time and see if they can name the shapes and/or point to the objects
(cylinder, sphere, cube, cone, rectangular prism)

We have mini-october conferences, so this was a fun way for parents to see our first project displayed.
Students were able to point to the objects and name the shapes. 

At the end of October, we are learning about Community Helpers, so we learn about real-estate agents.
We put our haunted house up FOR SALE and create spooky brochures.