Saturday, January 25, 2014

Snowman Soup

SNOWMAN SOUP is an ADORABLE and FUN way to focus on
math and literacy activities that line up with Common Core.
My students LOVE these activities!

Find this great pack HERE ON TPT!

This huge pack has over 120 pages and includes:

1. Snowman Soup Games that focus on 76 sight words
(Snowman Soup Melt and S-O-U-P-O)
2. 76 Soupy Sight Words
3. Snowman Soup Write the Room and Writing Template
4. Snowman Soup Describing Words (My snowman has/is)
5. Snowman Soup build a word and writing sheet
(over 64 words for students to practice writing or building)
6. Snowman Sorting (focus: diagraphs and blends)
7. Printable Booklet: How To Make Snowman Soup
8. Marshmallow Math (focus: addition)
9. Snowman Soup Add and Cover/Roll and Cover
(focus: counting and addition)
10. Build Snowman Soup
(focus:counting and adding)
11. Snowman Number Order
12. Scrambled Sentences and Writing Template
13. Snowman Soup Recipe Cards, Gift Ideas and
an ADORABLE Snowman Soup Craftivity
14. Snowman Soup Writing Templates

Check out some of the examples from this pack below!!!

Your kiddos will love these activities!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

My triplets have arrived!!!!

It's been so long since I have posted and I have a GREAT excuse! My TRIPLETS have arrived!!!!

On December 24th, Christmas Eve, my 3 precious girls were born via c-section.
They were born at 32 weeks (8 weeks early), but they are all doing great!
My little sweeties are still in the NICU and probably will be for the next 2-3 weeks.
I am already so in LOVE with each of them and feel so so so blessed for these 3 little miracles.

Please help me introduce:
Kensington Hope: Born at 9:29 am on 12/24/13, 4 lbs 4oz
Madison Grace: Born at 9:29 am on 12/24/13, 3 lbs 11 oz
Londyn Faith: Born at 9:30 a, on 12/24/13, 3 lbs 15 oz

This is the first time I got to hold all 3 of my girls at the same time and have "kangaroo care", 
which is skin to skin time.
Kensington and Madison are identical and Londyn is fraternal.
(From Left to Right: Kensington, Madison, Londyn)

This is Daddy's first time holding all 3 girls at the same time and having "kangaroo care".
(From left to right: Kensington, Madison, Londyn)

The girls are 2 weeks old here! This was the first time they wore clothes!!
Top: Londyn, Middle: Madison, Bottom: Kensington

Another adorable photo shoot of the girls in the NICU.
From left to right: Kensington, Madison, Londyn

It has been such a long journey trying to get pregnant and I feel so blessed God has given us these 3 precious gifts. Now we have 4 beautiful daughters (including my 6 year old daughter Makena).
Last year on New Years I was part of a Linky Party for the new year. 
I had to come up with one word for the new year to describe myself.
This is what I posted on 1/1/13:

1. One Little Word:
My daughter Makena was our miracle baby and I feel so incredibly blessed to have her!
It took almost 4 years to get pregnant with her and now we are on year 3 for trying with
baby #2. I feel hopeful because Makena, all on her own, prays ALL the time for 2 babies
(not just one!!!). She has been praying this prayer for over a year and
 it was her birthday wish for her 4th and 5th birthday!!!
Her prayer, "Dear God. I pray for 2 babies...a boy and a girl." Oh, the faith of a child!
So many times, I want to give up but her persistence and faith keeps me going.
So, I am left with one word for 2013: HOPEFUL!