Friday, February 16, 2018

I Spy ABC Write the Room

Write the Room is a favorite activity in my classroom!

My Kinders LOVE playing ABC Write the room. 
This literacy activity will get your students out of their chairs and learning with enthusiasm. 
You can find it HERE on TPT!

These pages are a wonderful and educational way to help your students with all the letters A-Z!! 

Most words are CVC words so they are easy and fun to read.

The vowels A, E, I, O, U each have two pages to choose from: 
The word begins with the letter (i.e., apple) OR it is used in the word (e., mat).

This pack includes:
1. 31 Write the Room Pages
2. I Spy ABC Word Cover (Color and B/W option)
3. Over 300 ABC word cards 
4. My ABC Cover/page for a mini book (see example above)
5. Printable page to the write the letter, picture, word (see example above)

Each page works on several strategies:
1. Identifying and printing uppercase and lowercase letters
2. Practicing beginning, medial and ending sounds
3. Identifying beginning sounds
4. Isolating and pronouncing the beginning and medial vowel or sounds in CVC words
4. Practice handwriting and printing skills
5. Drawing pictures 

This I SPY ABC Write the Room 
can be used in several ways:

1. Place the color cards around the room. Students will play “I SPY” and find the hidden cards. Provide the response sheet and clipboard. Children will write the corresponding word with the letter.

2. Use the pages/book during the DAILY 5 for work on writing

3. Create a journal/book and use it during small group instruction.

4. Use the pages/journal as a literacy center.

5. Use a page a day as morning work. Keep the ABC cards in a tub at their desks. Children randomly pick the cards out of the tub and write the word on the response sheet or on a white board.

6. Use the response sheets independently as an assessment worksheet for CVC words

7. Use it as ABC review in the beginning of the school year or send home for homework.

8. Use the color A-Z CVC cards for OTHER literacy activities: 
***Write the words in the sand, with shaving cream or on white boards
***Create words with magnets, or other manipulative

Your Students will LOVE it!!!
Get it HERE on TPT!

Happy Teaching!

Friday, December 22, 2017

Magical Reindeer Food FREEBIE

Our Kindergarten Team has 4 REINDEER ROTATIONS and a 
Pajama Party on the last day before winter break.

Rotation 1: We make Reindeer Trail Mix in a cute reindeer bag
(you can find a ton of yummy recipes on Pinterest)

Rotation 2: Directed Drawing of a reindeer.
We used the directed drawings from

Rotation 3: We make an editable reindeer from a Graham Cracker

Rotation 4: We make Magical Reindeer Food

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Western "Where Are We?" Chart

Our little Cowpokes are constantly in and out of our classroom doing different activities.

It's so important for staff members, other teachers and/or families to locate us when we're out and about.

I created this adorable "Where Are The Cowpokes?" pack with a ROOTIN TOOTIN western theme to make it easy to let others know where we are.

 You can simply hang it on your door or wall and change the designated circles to let people know where you are located. Easy Peezy Lemon Squeezy.

This pack includes:

1. Two posters to choose from
2. 28 circles with different places too choose from (i.e., P.E, library, lunch, field trip, chapel, assembly, music, garden, art, playground, etc).


You will love this pack!

Friday, February 10, 2017

FREE Valentine's Day Card

FREE Valentine's Day Card for Teachers OR Students!!

This is a super cute Valentine's Day Card Printable with a pencil theme
 (and made with lots of love just for you!)!!!

Simply print on the Valentines on card  stock and add your favorite pencil to the card TAH-DAH!! You have FREE Valentine's.
Easy Peezy Lemon Squeezy!

There are 3 different color options and 2 sayings:
"You are the WRITE one for me Valentine!"
"Lookin' SHARP Valentine!"

I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day!
Get it here for FREE at my TPT store:

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Let's VOTE! Election Day 2016


Election Day is almost here and this is the PERFECT CLASSROOM VOTING KIT for your little learners!!!

This engaging, meaningful and fun unit has everything you need to teach your students about the election process.

Get it here on TPT: Let's Vote!!!

They will be given the opportunity to become real voters as they make a choice on which presidential candidate they want to elect.

This Classroom Voting Kit Includes:

1. Adorable Trump & Clinton Posters
2. Printable Ballots
3. I Voted Badges to wear after they vote
4. Election 2016 Graph (analyze data)
5. Presidential Poll Tally Chart
6. EVERYTHING you need to create an Election Bulletin Board OR Collection Data Chart
7. Printables: I know all about Clinton/Trump
8. Election 2016 Printable Mini Reader/Book
9. Printable: Book Cover and Writing Template “If I Were Class President”
10. Election Day 2016 Write the Room

This is exactly what you need FRIENDS!!!!!
My kids LOVED when I did this uno in 2012 and I know they will love the 2016 unit too!!!

Get my unit HERE: Let's Vote!

I set Up a Cute Election Station in my room.
First, I made a cute bulletin board and voting station using all the posters.
Then, I made a cute cox and used space boards to create voting booths.
The kids voted two at a time.
After the kids voted, they received a badge.
So much FUN hah!!!

Scholastic has a great page called "Meet The Candidates" that
teaches kids the difference between the two candidates.

These two videos are great two:

Donald Trump for Kids:

Hilary Clinton for Kids:
Here are some great YOUTUBE videos about voting to enhance your kiddos learning!

Kids Can Vote for President

Charlie Brown President

School House Rocks Elections


Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Homemade Playdough

I have used this play dough recipe for years.
Once you make homemade play dough, you will never want to
use store bough play dough again.
This play dough doesn't crumble as much  the all over the floor.

Enjoy the recipe below.

Get my Play Dough recipe HERE!!

You can also purchase my 
Pit Stop All In One Play Dough Mats HERE on TPT!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Dr. Seuss Week is Coming Soon!!!!

I've updated my entire Dr. Seuss Unit. Due to copyright laws, the images have been changed.
But this pack is FULL of everything you need to have a 
SUPER Read Across America Week with our Favorite Author!!!
                                                     Dr. Seuss Inspired Unit! 
                     You can get it HERE on TPT.

                                                   Dr. Seuss Inspired Unit! 
                     You can get it HERE on TPT.