Monday, September 1, 2014

UPDATED Brain Breaks and Educational YouTube Videos!

I have put together an AMAZING list of BRAIN BREAKS and EDUCATIONAL YOUTUBE VIDEOS BELOW that can be used throughout the day to help your littles move and learn.

One of my favorite ways to get the "WIGGLES OUT" and give the kiddos a chance to get up and move is by doing a quick BRAIN BREAK. The kids are obsessed with these fun dance videos and it is an excellent way for regaining focus during instruction.

Research shows that physical movement increases blood flow, bringing more oxygen to the brain and leads to improved concentration. Who doesn't want that????

According to, being physically active helps kids learn better so they can do better in school. I absolutely agree!

I use the YOUTUBE videos during transitions or while working on a specific skill. I love when I hear the kiddos singing the songs on the playground or with their friends!!

When the brain break or video is over, be sure to have a quiet signal or sign that can refocus students quickly so they will STOP, LOOK and LISTEN. I either wiggle my fingers in the air OR put a quiet finger over my mouth with one hand and show a peace sign with my other (that's the signal for peace and quiet).

You can also manage what songs to play by having a class DJ who chooses for the day or use popsicle sticks with the the Brain Breaks on them.

Another great new site for Brain Breaks is GONOODLE. This awesome new site uses music, dance, and stretching while incorporating classroom management. Check it out!

What other great videos am I missing? Please comment and let me know what I can add to this list!