Saturday, January 26, 2013


Project-Based Learning CUE

My amazing colleagues and I presented at the CUE up north.
Our focus was project based learning in kindergarten/primary grades.
Below are a few slides we used during our presentation.
They align with the 4 C's (creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, communication).
Click HERE to learn more about the 4 C's and 21st Century Learning!

Our Neighborhood 2012

Our Kindergarteners built a neighborhood 
as one of our PBL Units!

Watch this great video to see the steps 
and how hard they worked together!

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Here's a little sneak peek!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Martin Luther King Presentation

If you are teaching about Martin Luther King
this is a great presentation to use in your classroom.
There is a TON of information about his life, YouTube video links and a mini quiz at the end.
Examples Include:

We read "The Crayon Box that Talked."
This is about a box of crayons that do not like each other because they are different colors.
They eventually learn to love each other and realize what beautiful pictures they can create together.

After, I told the kiddos we were going to celebrate Martin Luther King Day by 
having some yummy eggs.
They got very excited! I proceeded to take out the two carton of eggs.
When the kiddos saw two different color eggs (brown and white shells), most of them yelled, 
"Oh Yuck! I don't want the brown eggs!"

Without saying anything, I simply asked, "Who would like the white eggs?"
20 students raised their hands.

Then I asked, "Who would like the brown eggs?"
Only 4 kids raised their hands.
I explained, "Well I bought more brown eggs, so I need some of you to change your decision." I asked, "Is there a reason you do not want the brown eggs?"
Some of their answers included:
"They look gross."
"They probably taste yucky."
"I have never had them before."
"I only eat white eggs."

Then I asked, "What color do you think the eggs are inside?"
Most of the answers were brown or purple.

I said, "Hmmmm. Do you think this is how Martin Luther King felt? 
His skin was a different color than some of his friends and they didn't want to play with him. 
Some people wouldn't even talk to him because he looked different."
I continued to make connections between the eggs and MLK.

First, I cracked the white egg. Next, I cracked the brown egg.
This was very exciting in KINDERWORLD.
The kiddos all screamed and were very excited to see they were the SAME COLOR INSIDE!

I explained that although we may look different on the outside, we do not want to judge someone by the way we look.  It's the INSIDE that matters.
This was a great way to incorporate MLK's "I Have Dream" speech:
"I have a dream that one day my four children will not be judged by the color of their skin 
but by the content of their character."

People are all special and unique and have amazing talents and gifts to share!
Last, I mixed the eggs together and asked, 
"Can anyone distinguish between the brown and white egg now?"

REMEMBER: The inside of the egg represents our hearts and character. 
We must try our hardest NOT to judge someone by the way they look.
We can all "mix" together and make something great!

The kiddos put their hands together and we compared our differences.
I said, "We all look different. We have different hair color, eye color, skin color. Some of us are taller or shorter than others. But we are all SPECIAL!!!!" 

What did you learn about Martin Luther King and this activity?
Check out the kiddos cute answers on this video!

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These are some great MLK Youtube videos:

Friday, January 11, 2013

FARM ABC letters and Number Posters

If you have a FARM THEME or are planning a farm unit this is a perfect kit for you!
I made the letter and number posters for one of the teachers at my school who has a farm theme. 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Daily 5: my schedule and ideas

If you are just starting the Daily 5, this is a quick handout to use to give you some ideas.
Download my schedule, ideas and posters to use during the Daily 5 HERE.

The Gingerbread Man 2012

We had a blast this year with the Gingerbread Man!
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There is a really funny clip in this video!!!! 
We searched for the gingerbread man all week and we always find him napping on the roof on the last day before winter break (pajama day). We walk to lunch and wait for the kiddos to discover him on the roof. Sometimes it's takes a while. You will notice in this video, we said, "Shhhh", A LOT (we didn't want him to run away since he was sleeping! HAHA). 
After we discovered him, I climbed up the ladder to finally get him. When I tried to pick him up and "trap him", he completely fell apart (you will notice in the video I am just standing up there wondering what to do)! Usually, he is hard enough that I can pick him up and pretend to have a struggle with him before he runs away from me! There was no chance this time!
You will hear me say, "I think I pulled a Carol!" She is our wonderful custodian who is holding the ladder. About 3 years ago, she tried to catch the gingerbread man while he was napping and when she picked him up, HIS HEAD FELL OFF IN FRONT OF ALL THE KIDS! I thought it was so funny but she was mortified and never wanted to catch him again. It's been a running joke ever since. Well, I could't pick him up and I needed to distract the kinders, so I said, "Oh NO! He RAN AWAY! Go Get Him!"
I am not sure what I was thinking. I thought the kids would look away or maybe just go "a few" steps. Oh NO! All 75 kindergartners RAN AFTER HIM! DOWN THE HALLS! SCREAMING!
I was stuck on the ladder. I have never laughed SOOOOO hard! The video really doesn't do justice but you get the idea. Good thing our school is completely gated because the kiddos just ran around the building. But all the teachers came out of their classrooms wondering why 75 kids were screaming down the hall screaming, "The Gingerbread Man!" 
Another great memory in KINDERWORLD!