Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Gingerbread Man 2012

We had a blast this year with the Gingerbread Man!
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There is a really funny clip in this video!!!! 
We searched for the gingerbread man all week and we always find him napping on the roof on the last day before winter break (pajama day). We walk to lunch and wait for the kiddos to discover him on the roof. Sometimes it's takes a while. You will notice in this video, we said, "Shhhh", A LOT (we didn't want him to run away since he was sleeping! HAHA). 
After we discovered him, I climbed up the ladder to finally get him. When I tried to pick him up and "trap him", he completely fell apart (you will notice in the video I am just standing up there wondering what to do)! Usually, he is hard enough that I can pick him up and pretend to have a struggle with him before he runs away from me! There was no chance this time!
You will hear me say, "I think I pulled a Carol!" She is our wonderful custodian who is holding the ladder. About 3 years ago, she tried to catch the gingerbread man while he was napping and when she picked him up, HIS HEAD FELL OFF IN FRONT OF ALL THE KIDS! I thought it was so funny but she was mortified and never wanted to catch him again. It's been a running joke ever since. Well, I could't pick him up and I needed to distract the kinders, so I said, "Oh NO! He RAN AWAY! Go Get Him!"
I am not sure what I was thinking. I thought the kids would look away or maybe just go "a few" steps. Oh NO! All 75 kindergartners RAN AFTER HIM! DOWN THE HALLS! SCREAMING!
I was stuck on the ladder. I have never laughed SOOOOO hard! The video really doesn't do justice but you get the idea. Good thing our school is completely gated because the kiddos just ran around the building. But all the teachers came out of their classrooms wondering why 75 kids were screaming down the hall screaming, "The Gingerbread Man!" 
Another great memory in KINDERWORLD!


  1. This is soooooo cute! What FUN for your students. They will never forget that gingerbread man!