Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Let's VOTE! Election Day 2016


Election Day is almost here and this is the PERFECT CLASSROOM VOTING KIT for your little learners!!!

This engaging, meaningful and fun unit has everything you need to teach your students about the election process.

Get it here on TPT: Let's Vote!!!

They will be given the opportunity to become real voters as they make a choice on which presidential candidate they want to elect.

This Classroom Voting Kit Includes:

1. Adorable Trump & Clinton Posters
2. Printable Ballots
3. I Voted Badges to wear after they vote
4. Election 2016 Graph (analyze data)
5. Presidential Poll Tally Chart
6. EVERYTHING you need to create an Election Bulletin Board OR Collection Data Chart
7. Printables: I know all about Clinton/Trump
8. Election 2016 Printable Mini Reader/Book
9. Printable: Book Cover and Writing Template “If I Were Class President”
10. Election Day 2016 Write the Room

This is exactly what you need FRIENDS!!!!!
My kids LOVED when I did this uno in 2012 and I know they will love the 2016 unit too!!!

Get my unit HERE: Let's Vote!

I set Up a Cute Election Station in my room.
First, I made a cute bulletin board and voting station using all the posters.
Then, I made a cute cox and used space boards to create voting booths.
The kids voted two at a time.
After the kids voted, they received a badge.
So much FUN hah!!!

Scholastic has a great page called "Meet The Candidates" that
teaches kids the difference between the two candidates.

These two videos are great two:

Donald Trump for Kids:

Hilary Clinton for Kids:
Here are some great YOUTUBE videos about voting to enhance your kiddos learning!

Kids Can Vote for President

Charlie Brown President

School House Rocks Elections



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