Saturday, January 25, 2014

Snowman Soup

SNOWMAN SOUP is an ADORABLE and FUN way to focus on
math and literacy activities that line up with Common Core.
My students LOVE these activities!

Find this great pack HERE ON TPT!

This huge pack has over 120 pages and includes:

1. Snowman Soup Games that focus on 76 sight words
(Snowman Soup Melt and S-O-U-P-O)
2. 76 Soupy Sight Words
3. Snowman Soup Write the Room and Writing Template
4. Snowman Soup Describing Words (My snowman has/is)
5. Snowman Soup build a word and writing sheet
(over 64 words for students to practice writing or building)
6. Snowman Sorting (focus: diagraphs and blends)
7. Printable Booklet: How To Make Snowman Soup
8. Marshmallow Math (focus: addition)
9. Snowman Soup Add and Cover/Roll and Cover
(focus: counting and addition)
10. Build Snowman Soup
(focus:counting and adding)
11. Snowman Number Order
12. Scrambled Sentences and Writing Template
13. Snowman Soup Recipe Cards, Gift Ideas and
an ADORABLE Snowman Soup Craftivity
14. Snowman Soup Writing Templates

Check out some of the examples from this pack below!!!

Your kiddos will love these activities!

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