Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Western Bucket Filler Pack!

I fell in love with the book BUCKET FILLERS when I first read it! I loved the concept of having it integrated into the classroom as a classroom management tool and as a way to focus on positive behavior and treating yourself and others with respect and compassion.

My kiddos love it too! They LOVE filling buckets and getting their buckets filled too!
I created this Western Theme Bucket Filler Pack as a way to further integrate this great concept into my classroom!

You can purchase the pack HERE ON TPT!

See examples from the PACK BELOW:

Your kiddos will love everything in this 


  1. this is good post.
    and you can go here

    tanks very much.... :)

  2. Thank for showing us your great bucket filling wall! I started one this year but didn't follow through. When do you have the kids fill ewch others buckets? Whenever they are doing something good do you give them a pom pom and they can put it in their bucket? Also do you give a pom pom to the other child if a friend helped another friend, do they both get a pom pom?
    Thank you