Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cuteness Tricks Freebie

Here are some of my "Cuteness Tricks" I use in Kinderworld!

FREEBIE ALERT! Click here to download the cuteness tricks.

Brain Sprinkles!
Sprinkle some brain booster on the kids while they take a 
spelling test, work on the Daily 5 or a PBL project.
I got the container at Ross and the pom-poms at Michaels.

Quite Critters
These critters are in a lock tight container.
They are VERY shy and only come out when it is extremely quiet.
They like to sit with students who are working quietly at their seats.
I got the container at the Dollar Store

Quiet Spray
Spray a little quietness on students before a read aloud or mini lesson.
I got the spray bottle at the Dollar Store.

Fairy Dust!
I tell the kids I put a magic potion on them and they have to freeze and be very still, 
like Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. They think this is a VERY fun game and it works wonders

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