Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Whole Brain Teaching

I started hearing so much about Whole Brain Teaching last year. 

I found these great videos on Youtube and was inspired to start using these rules and gestures in my class. They were great!

Thank you Stephanie from Stephanie from 3rd Grade Thoughts and Ashley from The Polka Dot Patch for all your WONDERFUL thoughts, ideas and FREEBIES!

I love all these Whole Brain Teaching Rules!!!! I revamped the rules a little to fit my classroom.
 Looks like this:
  1. Be safe, be kind, be honest.
  2. Follow directions quickly. 
  3. Respect others, respect yourself, respect our school.
  4. Raise your hand to speak or stand (show peace and quiet)
  5. Listen when your teacher is talking.
  6. Show B.E.V.E (Bodies still, ears listening, voices quiet, eyes watching)

I used the posters below but changed the wording.

Click HERE for you FREEBIE! (Thank you Stephanie)

Here are the gestures that go with the 
Whole Brain Teaching-ish Rules:
The kinders practice these each morning before we begin our Morning Campfire Meeting.

Rule #1: Be safe (hug yourself), be kind (cover your heart with both hands), be honest (place right hand up, like you were about to testify). 

Rule #2: Follow directions quickly. (As we say this, we snap out fingers along with each word and say the rule quickly.)

Rule #3: Respect others (point out), respect yourself (point to yourself), and respect your school(point to the ground). 

Rule #4: Raise your hand (raise your right hand) to speak (make moving mouth motion) or stand use index and middle finger to 'walk').

Rule #5: Listen (point to your ears) when your teacher (kids point to me) is talking (move hands together and apart like a mouth).

Rule #6: Show B.E.V.E: Bodies Still, Ears Listening, Voices Quiet;
Eyes Watching
Whole Brain Teaching Posters:

Click HERE for your FREEBIE! (Thank you Stephanie)

I introduced this concept by reading Ms. Nelson is Missing.
Product Details
We practiced what ELBOW BUDDIES look like and sound like.
We modeled correct and incorrect ways to do this. Then we practiced!!!

Elbow Buddy Questions:
1. Why were the kids misbehaving with Ms. Nelson?
2. How would you feel if kids in our class behaved like this? What would you do?
3. Describe Ms. Swamp
4. Where do you think Ms. Nelson is at?
5. Where would you look for Ms. Nelson
6. What did we learn at the end of the story? What was Ms. nelson's little secret?

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  1. Hi Jaimie, I love your classroom rules. I am wondering what you would suggest as a discipline plan when your students don't follow the classroom rules? I am a student in grad school for school counseling and wanted to take a classroom management course for the added benefit. I just came across your awesome website and love all your creative suggestions!!