Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Western Theme Classroom

I have a TWO HUGE Western Theme Decor Packs you can purchase on TPT.
The file is so big, I created two 
Western Theme Packs: PART 1 and PART 2.
See examples below:

Purchase my 
Western Theme Decor Pack PART 1 

Purchase my 
Western Theme Decor Pack PART 2

I Love my WESTERN-THEMED Classroom.
Here are some ROOTIN-TOOTIN ideas I use in my class.

I have a huge covered wagon in my room.
The kids use this during the Daily 5: Read to Self

The 2 questions I get the most from people is,
"Where did you get it?" and "How did you get it in the classroom?"
The answer: I found it at a garage sale for $300. Can you believe it!!!
I've had it for like 9 years and this is what inspired me to have a western themed classroom!
It comes apart (just ask my husband who has taken it apart and put it back together at least 20 times!!!)

The basket next to the wagon is full of pillows and stuffed animals for 
The Daily 5: Read to Self and Listen to Someone Reading

This adorable fire pit was given to me by a teacher 
(her student made it for a project and it's been with me for years now). 
It's made with a cement base, sand, rocks, sticks and very thick card-stock like paper.
We use it for our morning CLASS CAMPFIRE MEETING!

Jessy and Woody fit right in!

I use Jessy, Woody and Bullseye to model correct and incorrect behaviors.
The perfect cowgirl and cowboy for our Western Classroom!
I got them at the Disney Store.

This is my READING ROUND-UP Book nook area.
I painted the table red and bought the stools, lamp and tubs at Ikea.
The shelves are from Target. The rug is from a garage sale.
Lasso in a book and read!
 I like to add small hay barrels around the class for extra decoration.

I made NEW labels for my book containers! They are in Pack 1.

As soon as you enter my room, this is the little reading area you will see.
The chair, lamp, and shelf are from Ikea. The rug and boot pillow are from Target.
The burlap bins and frames are from Michaels.

I saw an example of this on Pinterest and decided to design my own.
In this class....
Download for FREE here.

We are a project-based learning school, so I like to display our "thinking" questions, ideas and projects. The fake bob-wire is from Oriental Trading.

I keep CD and tape players in the basket for The Daily 5: Listening to reading
(I found them all at local thrift stores for so cheap!)

This cubbies are on the opposite side of the reading area when you enter the room.
I like to display cowboy books and frames on top.

Each student brings in a cubby and decorates it. 
These are from Target and the students decorate them soooooo cute!

I got these cute frames in the dollar bin at my favorite store TARGET!!

I wrapped my plants with burlap and raffia. 
The book stands are from Ikea.

Some of the cubbies do not have backs, so I covered the back with bandanas.
I don't know how to sew so I hot glued them together and stapled them to the back.
 It works great!
I put the math tubs and school supplies behind the cubbies.

I covered this table with burlap and tied the corners with red wire ribbon.
This is another book nook area.

This is another book nook area. I also keep my tag readers at this table.
I covered the table with bandana fabric. The cowboy curtains are from Target.

I use this shelf to hold student work. I got the shelf and cubbies from Target.

I love the sign hanging on the wall!

I put this picture of me and my husband in the frame above. It was taken at Disneyland. 
I knew I would put it in my classroom with the wagon in it. 

This is my writing center. It's not done yet. We are not allowed to put a lot on the walls so it looks bare.
I put these wagon sight words on a ring and hang them in the  writing area.

I made 100 adorable western SIGHT WORDS
 on wagons for my WORD WALL.
You can purchase them in my 

 This is my mail box. I painted it red and added words to it.
My father in law made the stand for me.

I will have a picture soon but I also hang these writing strategies up in my room.

The word wall, writing goals and rate it chart are all next to the writing area.

The sign says, "Lasso New Words"

I got this idea from Pinterest.

Another pinterest idea! Rate your writing chart!

This is a view from the back.
This is the Writing Wall and Howdy Helper of the Week wall.

The sign says, "Write Em Up Cowboy"
The sheriff pins are from Oriental Trading.

This is where we put the Howdy Helper of the Week posters.
The helpers are also known as "The Sheriff".

Each child gets to take home a Howdy Helper of the Week poster during the school year. 
They get to be the "Sheriff"for the week. 
After the "Sheriff" shares his/her poster, the class makes a special journal for him/her.

See my examples below:
You can purchase this Howdy Helper Pack in My 

Each student has his/her own NEW job each week.

I have 24 jobs:
1 Sheriff
2 Chuckwagon (they take the lunch bucket/lunch count)
1 Pony Express Rider (they deliver messages/notes)
1 Trail Guide (line leader)
2 Paper Wranglers (pass out papers)
1 Waddy (sub if someone is absent)
1 Pencil Monitor
2 Book Posse (they organize books)
2 Ranch Hands (keep the room clean and neat)
1 Doctor (takes kids to the nurse)
 Week Off (optional)
1 Door Rustler (opens and closes doors)
1 Clipboard Cowpoke (passes out and puts away clipboards)
1 Light Lassoer (turns on/off lamps and lights)
1 Wagoneer (keeps our wagon clean and neat)
1 Glue Buckaroo (passes out and picks up glue)
1-2 Tech Buckaroo (turns on computers, puts away i-pods, netbooks, etc)
1 Whiteboard Wrangler (passes out and puts away whiteboards)
1 Pet Rancher (feeds the class pet)

This sign was in the dollar bin at Target.

View of the rug area

This is my Sheriff Report Behavior Chart 

My Western SHERIFF REPORT BEHAVIOR CLIP CHART can be purchased in my

I put them on card stock, laminated them and hot glued yellow ribbon 
to the back and finished it off with a cute red bow at the top.

I put them on card stock, laminated them and hot glued gingham ribbon 
to the back and finished it off with a cute red bow at the top.

This is my VOICE LEVEL Chart, which comes in very handy throughout the day!!!
The kiddos LOVE when they get Partner or Table Talk Time.

This voice level chart is in my Western Decor Part 2.
Purchase it here

This is my table points area.
I cut out colored wagons and made the labels.
The di-cuts and labels are in my Western Theme Decor Part 2 Pack.

Rules adapted from Whole Brain Teaching!

These rules all have cute hand gestures to make learning the rules easier.
We recite them every morning.
These posters are in my Western Theme Decor Pack Part 2 to purchase.

Another cute book nook shelf from Target.
I store Magna Doodles, reading phones and reading tools inside.
Tassie the Tattle Cow is sitting on top.

I made these reading phones from PVC pipe and spray painted them red.

Fun tools for reading: silly glasses, magnifying glasses and witch fingers.

I LOVE my homemade horse! This was definitely inspired from Pinterest.
The Howdy Helper of the Week gets to sit here during our Campfire Meetings and it is also a book nook for The Daily 5: Read to Self

This is another horse I have used.

My Western Bucket Fillers! I got the cans in the dollar bin  at Target. I wrapped them with burlap and then with bandana ribbon. I hot glued mini clothespins on it and attached name badges on them. Soon I will adding their cowpoke photos.

This is my Bucket Filler Anchor Chart.

The big bucket is a class bucket filler.
 The mini bucket is where we keep our poms-poms to "fill" our buckets.

This is my Calendar Corral! I use the Promethean Board for almost everything so I do not need to put too much on my calendar wall.
See the examples above for all the cute CALENDAR CORRAL IDEAS I created in my

I put the BIRTHDAY BUCKAROO poster on the Calendar Corral too!

This is LUCKY the HORSE. 
Students take him home and write in a class journal and share their experiences.

My Pointers: I wrapped a coffee can with burlap and wire ribbon.

We use this microphone when sharing our work.

Front of the class. My favorite thing is the Promethean Board!
You can see the western numbers above it.
You can get the Numbers and ABC posters here in my Western Theme PART 1 Pack HERE.

This year, I will be adding new Western ABC Posters.
Again, all in Western Decor PART 1.
I also will be putting up digraphs (sh, wh, th, ch)
See the examples below:

This is my Daily 5 and C.A.F.E bulletin board.
The wooden paper in the back is from Oriental Trading

These posters are in Western Decor PART 2.
See my new posters below:

3 ways to read a book and I-Pick posters

This shelf is below the Daily 5 board. It's my mini work station.
The shelf and cubbies are from Target.

Computer Station

View from the front of the class (I have 2 doors in my room)

View from the side of my class.
We have big windows! 
I tied colored bandanas together and hung them above the windows.

View from the back of my class.
There are 5 tables. I put colored cowboy hats above the tables and made the labels.

Each table shares a caddy (from Target)
 with crayons, pencils, glue sticks and scissors that match their table color.
The yellow bin (from Lakeshore) holds their Daily 5 Read to Self Books.
The red bin has their writing journals and writing tools.
I put the pencils in vegetable cans and covered them with burlap, ribbon and raffia.

These are the desk name plates I use.

Bullseye! I won him at Disneyland and the kids get to hold him at the 
Morning Campfire if they are following the rules.
He is our class pet!
I keep my schedule of the day in the pocket chart behind it.

My wonderful mother-in-law made these pillow cases for me!

I found this covered wagon at a thrift store and had to get it!
The horse is Wrangler. The table point winners get to keep him on their desk for the week.

I bought letters and gems at Michaels and made my name.

A parent made this bubblegum candy jar for me last year
and I LOVE it! It's made from plant pots.

This is my Kind Cactus. This is where I put my wish list items.
I ask parents to please "prick" a cactus.

This is another book nook area in my rom.

I covered all my pencil holders with burlap and ribbon.

I made 60 of these clothespins to hang art on our big windows. They turned out so cute.

This table is at Disneyland but I would LOVE to have one made for my class.

We sing this on Fridays for our Friday Fun Song!

Go to Dr. Jean's Cheer Cards to download  32 cheer cards for free. They are perfect for putting on a ring by your whole group area.

I use a ton of these ideas from Clutter Free Classroom.

  • bandana fabric, denim, burlap, flannel, rope, metal tins and buckets, raffia, cactus and boot lights (I ordered mine through Oriental Trading), cowboy hats, sheriff badges,
  • Lasso a Good Book and Read
  • Rounding Up _______
  • Lasso in Good ______
  • Roping Up _______
  • Write ‘Em Cowboy
  • Wanted: ______
  • Best in the West
  • Howdy Helper of the Week
  • Lasso in a Word (word wall)
  • Kick Up Your Heels for _____ (with boots)
  • Reading Round-Up
  • Buckaroo-Bucks
  • Buckeroo Birthdays


  1. Thank you for sharing. Your classroom is so cute!

  2. Wow! I wish all teachers took the time to make their classrooms fun and educational. If I was a kid, I would love to be in your class!

  3. Really cute! Are you going to do anything with the kids when they fill their buckets completely?

    1. Thank you! When I started doing bucket fillers, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do once the kiddos buckets were full. It was funny because the kids never asked me all year about that. They were always just soooooo excited to fill (put a pom pom) intotheir buckets. That was so rewarding for them. So I never really had anything. Next year, I think I will have a paper award to give them if they fill it up.

  4. Great classroom!!! I also have a western theme. I also have a covered wagon in my room which is my reading area. My husband and I made it out of a bunk bed! You have some super cute and creative ideas. My room started out as a pioneer theme as I teach Nebraska history, but then I put a western spin on it as it is easier to find things for that. My helper of the day is the Wagon Master. Where did you get the CAFE and Daily 5 posters? Did you make those and if so, do you have them on TPT?

    1. Hi Dawn! I would love to see your wagon!!!! It's so fun hah!!! The wagon master is a cute name too. I recently just made new Daily 5 and C.A.F.E posters and they are in my Western Theme Pack Part 2 on TPT. You can find the link on my western page.
      I am also in the process of making a western bucket fillers pack too!!!
      Hope you have a great school year!

  5. Everything looks awesome, I have a Western theme room, but this year I really want to "commit" to the theme...translation, go over the top! I love the bucket fillers and am looking to start that so my question is simple, how are the buckets hanging on the wall? Push pins? Also, I had the same question as Dawn, where did you get the cute CAFE posters? Thanks for sharing such detailed pictures! If it's not too much to ask, please e-mail me if you can:

    1. Hi! Thank you so much for your sweet comments! I used the longest t-pins I could find to hang the buckets. I recently just made new Daily 5 and C.A.F.E posters and they are in my Western Theme Pack Part 2 on TPT. You can find the link on my western page.
      I am also in the process of making a western bucket fillers pack too!!!
      Hope you have a great year Ms. Bales!!!!

  6. UH.MAY.ZING!!! Love every inch of your room and your cute little TPT packs! I will definitely be purchasing them!

    1. WOW! Thank you Stephanie for your very sweet comments!!!!! I hope you enjoy the western packs! Have a great year!!!!

  7. You have wonderful stuff!!!!!!! I was wondering if you had western themed community helpers>???

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