Thursday, August 9, 2012


Kinders LOVE to TATTLE!
Here are some great books and resources for this lovely issue:

This is Tassie the Tattle Cow
Since my class is a western theme, we use a cow for tattles. Since there are so many tattles in kindergarten, this is a great way to have students share their tattles with something/one other than me.

Great Ideas for TATTLING!!

I love asking, "Are you TELLING (emergency) or TATTLING (not emergency).
We create a chart that shows that the difference.

This idea comes from What The Teacher Wants

Pocket chart sorting activity:

The fight chant:

The PROBLEM SQUARE: This is a great idea for the playground. Use tape/paint to draw a square on the ground with an X through the middle forming 4 triangles. When a student has a problem with another child they go to the problem square to solve it, not me!
Directions for the Problem Square (written for the class):1. Tell your friend "we need to go to the problem square."2. Take turns sharing what the problem was.3. Come up with a solution or "fix."4. Agree on the solution and shake hands.I can't even tell you how amazing it is to see a group of Kindergarteners discussing their problems, taking turns, and coming up with their own solution with out me! I promise that with a lot of modeling this will change your tattling.

How do you deal with tattling in your classroom?

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