Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bucket Fillers

Bucket Fillers

I love the book "Bucket Fillers" by Carol McCloud! Kindergartners really grasp this concept and it is so adorable to hear them say, "You filled my bucket!"

If you haven’t read this book, it’s a story that encourages positive behavior and it illustrates how rewarding it is to show kindness, appreciation, and love toward others.  The story talks about how we each carry around an invisible bucket and when we use kind words and actions, we become bucket fillers {filling other people’s buckets}.  But when we say and do things that aren’t kind and compassionate, we’re bucket dippers…emptying all the good feelings out of everyone else’s buckets.  The book is well written in terms that kids can really relate to and they really got into this idea of bucket filling & dipping!

These are my WESTERN bucket fillers in my classroom.
I got the buckets in the dollar bin at Target. I wrapped them in burlap and with bandana ribbon.
I hot-glued a small clothespin and attached their sheriff badges with names. 
Soon, I will replace the badges with their cowpoke pictures.
I think this will be easier and quicker in the beginning of the year for students
 to see photos while filling buckets. 

This is my Bucket Fillers Anchor Chart.

I use Jessy, Woody and Bullseye to model how to be a bucket filler and a bucket dipper.
The kids LOVE it and think it is so funny when they don't get along.

After introducing the idea of bucket fillers, we practice in a lot of different ways.
On day 2, we made cards for another kindergarten class and practiced working as a team, 
giving compliments and saying nice things to our friends.
They did great!

Our class has several bucket filling GOALS :
1. To teach children how to reach out and express love, respect and appreciation to others

2. To help children become other-centered rather than self-centered
3. To help children express their feelings (good and bad) in a healthy manner
4. To help children understand where feelings originate and how to protect their feelings from being hurt
5. To establish a framework for more constructive words and actions and less bullying
6. To create more positive home and school environments

Bucket Filling (showing love and respect for others)
Bucket Dipping (bullying)


A student can fill another students bucket by filling this out:

I am going to use the forms found at  Mrs. Walker blog (she has lots of great ideas and free forms)

                    Thank you I'm Blog Hoppin for this anchor chart idea!

Bucket Filler Videos:

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