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Besides Gingerbread Man Week, PIRATE WEEK is a kindergarten FAVORITE for sure!!!!!!
If I didn't have a western theme, this would be my next pick!

We spent a week on this unit because there is so many FUN activities!
We had PIRATE DAY and all the kids dressed up as pirates.

We even turned our covered wagon into a pirate ship!

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Love these ideas from The Inspired Apple

                            KWL Chart                                         Why do pirates wear an eye patch?

Deanna Jump has a ton of really cute ideas.

This is a picture from my memory book.

                           We practiced reading our sight words with pirate themed sentences:

                   For Writer's Workshop, we took some time to respond to these pirate prompts:

                                                        We wrote AR an OR words.

                                                               We sorted ch and sh words:


Other cute ideas:

We played a lot of learning games on Jake and the Neverland Pirates site.

We read Pirate books on our tag readers.

On the last day, Jack Sparrow came and stole our treasure chest!!!!
He left us a treasure map and clues so we could go on a treasure hunt.
Watch this adorable video of my amazing student teacher reading the clues! 

This is a map of our school. We had 4 clues.

We made telescopes with paper towel rolls and foil.
Toddlers pirate telescope craft

 Clue 1: We had to read a Big Book together to get the first clue.

 Clue 2: We had to solve addition and subtraction problems.

Clue 3: We had to put the days of the week and months of the year in order on the magnetic shed.

Clue 4: We had to read -ar words we learned from that week (-aarrgh words...cute hah!)

 Clue 5: We found the giant red X! The kids had to search the playground for the treasure!

We finally found it. jack Sparrow can't fool us!

Our treasure chest was full of goodies: gold da bloom, pirate pencils and coloring books and
 pirate booty popcorn. 

We made pirate hats and had a pirate party.

Yummy pirate cupcakes!  ARGH!
Pinterest Ideas
                                           Pirate Birthday Party Jello Orange Slice Ships - web

                                                                    Cannon Balls & Jolly Pirate Fish

How to make sand pudding interactive writing

Three step how to writing

Below are the pirate YOUTUBE videos we watch during the week.

Pirate Math

Hiedi's -ar Pirate Song

 Silly Pirate Song (Jack Hartmann)

Portside Pirate
Roll Up the Map - Disney Junior - Jake & the Neverland Pirates

Talk Like a Pirate - Disney Junior - Jake & the Neverland Pirates

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