Saturday, August 4, 2012

Memory Books

OOOOOHHHH Memory Books!
I have a love/hate relationship with my memory books. I love how cute and adorable they are and I think every kindergartner should have one. They just take sooooooo much time. Seriously, over 100 hours throughout the year. Thank goodness they are on-going throughout the year.

Below is an example of my memory book for my kinders. It changes from year to year since we do new activities and projects. Overall, this is it.... (I forgot the cover...I need to get a picture and update it).

The cover has their name on it (done from wordle), along with a class picture and kindergarten ABC poem.....image coming soon.

page 1: First Day of School picture, school name badge and a copy of our class DVD movie of the year.
page 2: Shape person
page 3: a pocket with all our BEST IN THE WEST WORK (Howdy Helper Journal, Sheriff poster, hats, etc).
page 4: Humpty Dumpty Art

page 5: October handprint, writing and pumpkin art
page 6: Community Helpers pictures

page 7: Thanksgiving handprint, writing, pictures
page 8: Native American Placemat with PIXIE art

page 9: Pocket with gingerbread man writing, letters from our gingerbread man exchange and art
page 10: Gingerbread Man writing and PIXIE art

page 11: December handprint, writing and pictures
page 12: Reindeer hand and foot art

page 13: January handprint, writing, winter words mitten and weather words flip book.
page14: Martin Luther King directed drawing and I Have a Dream writing

page 15 :Pocket with extra art and work/PIXIE projects are on the front)
page 16: Valentine's Day handprint, writing  and Love Bug

page 17: Pocket with their "Giddy-Up Good Writing" (I put their journals and all writing wall work here). There is also a clock and a picture with Cat in the Hat.
page 18: President's Day Art and writing

page 19: Dr. Seuss: Cat in the Hat directed drawing and Thing 1 handprint
page 20: 100th Day writing and 100 year old portrait

page 21: St. Patrick's Day handprint, writing and art
page 22: American symbols directed drawing

page 23: City Mouse, Country Mouse art with thumbprints
page 24: Cure for the kindergarten cough writing and art

page 25: Seasons of an apple tree art
page 26: April bunny handprint and life of a seed art

page 27: Pablo Picasso "Hand and Flowers" art
page 28: May flower handprint, writing and PIXIE parts of a plant

page 30: Parts of a plant rip art and what do plants need writing
page 31: Animal habitat writing and animal art symmetry 

page 32: Mother's Day Portrait and writing
page 33: Father's Day acrostic poem and All About Me writing

page 34: Vincent VanGoh's "Starry Night" art
page 34: My car writing and art 

page 35: Pirate art, "arrrrhhh" words, pirate writing and handprint
page 36: Shark art, "ark" words, and ocean writing 

page 37: Time capsule from September and June
page 38: Pocket with published books and pictures

page 40: LAST page, cowboy portrait and writing

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