Saturday, September 1, 2012

Tech for Learning

I use PIXIE, FRAMES, IMAGE BLENDER, SHARE and WIXIE in my kindergarten classroom.
It is possible!!!

PIXIE is exciting creativity software students can use to share ideas, imagination, and understanding through a combination of text, original artwork, voice narration, and images.

 These are some of the movies my kindergarten class has made using PIXIE!
Animal Similes using Cool Word on PIXIE
A Wocket in My Pocket (adadpted from the Dr. Seuss book)
We made this during Dr. Seuss week and it was  agreat way to practice rhyming.
Math Patterns
Pumpkin Fun!
We created a class movie of our field trip to the pumpkin patch.
Community Helpers Movie
Neighborhood Video
Our Kinder"garden" plant videos above and below
Parts of a Plant Video
I integrate this into my classroom in a variety of ways:
1. Whole class
2. One-on-One with a parent or teacher
3. 4/5 Tech Buddies (we work with older buddies to create these prjects)


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