Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Making Connections between all the books:
I made this Kevin Henkes Chart. I found the pictures on his website.

This is from Kevin Henkes website.

Show all of Kevin Henkes stories and explain that the students we will be learning all about a special author. Explain what an author is.
Opener: Show Youtube video "Meet Kevin Henkes"

-Practice reading the pictures and the words
-Activity: Color their own names and count how many letters they have

*Optional homework: Name Study.  Send home a note and have parents tell their children why they chose their name; what it means; where it came from; and any other neat facts.
-Later, graph their names "How many letters are in your name?"

(compare and contrast names using math vocabulary: more, less, equal, most)
-Activity: Rip art names (write names with white chalk on black paper and have students put paper strips on their letters

Show Youtube Video of Chrysanthemum
While watching the video, do Crinkled Heart activity:
Display a large red heart and explain how it looks so crisp and beautiful.

Hand the heart to a student at the rug and give him/her instructions to crumple the heart every time they heard something unkind or mean in the story, and then pass it to the next person. By the time the story is over our heart is very tattered, ripped and sad looking. Ask 2-3 students to try and iron it out. We talked about how hard it is to make our hearts look and feel better after hearing such mean and unkind words. I wote the kids names on bandaides and asked them to come up and say a "heart" word or kind word to try and make it better. One by one, they put the Band-Aids all over the heart (and even repaired the rips and tears). This showed them that it is impossible to take away those unkind words, but we can always try to help and make things better. Then we followed up by talking about how we will always use kind words with others and brainstormed a list of kind things we can say. Now we have the heart hanging in our room to serve as a visual reminder to say kind, heartfelt words! 

Note: this is not my idea. I want to give credit where credit is due and I am having a hard time finding the original blog where I found this idea.

 Compare and Contrast the Owen and Chrysanthemum

Click here for OWEN

Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse:
I dress up as Lilly and also dress a student up as Lilly.

I made my own purple purse from flannel and put plastic inside.
I created a booklet about 3D shapes (since it ties in with our math).

We learned about writing a friendly letter. We used Lilly's body to label the 5 parts of a friendly letter:
 date, header, body, closing, signature. 

Activity: We wrote a friendly letter as a class to our kindergarten friends in the room next to us. Then, the students chose someone to write a letter to and did this independently.
We will continue to look at Lilly when we start writing letters to our pen pals.

We also read: Sheila Rae, The Brave
Wemberly Worried

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