Saturday, September 15, 2012

Educational YOUTUBE Videos

I am constantly searching the web and Youtube for new educational videos.
I have compiled a HUGE list below. 
They are all categorized by subject.
I am always updating, so come back and see!

 Educational Youtube videos:
Note: If you don't have access to Youtube at school, you can save videos to your thumb drive by going to and enter in the links to to the videos. 

The Following Videos are in Order as Follows:
Social Studies
Brain Breaks
Classroom Management
All About Me
Books To Read
Holidays and Special Days 
Alphabet and Sounds
Learning My Letters (Harry Kindergarten) 
ABC Disco (Harry Kindergarten) 
Alphabet Workout (Jack Hartman)  
Letter Sounds (Jack Hartman)
* Hip Hop Alphabet (Jack Hartmann) 
* Phonercise (Dr. Jean)
Lettersize (Dr. Jean) 
* Alphahardy (Dr. Jean) 
ABC Phonics (Have Fun Learning) 
* What Do The Letters Say? (Have Fun Learning) 
Letter A Song (Have Fun Learning) 
Letters A-Z Song Links (Have Fun Learning) 
ABC Story Bots (all videos are great)
Storybots (letter a but this video links to all letters!)
Storybots (ABC song but this video links to other classic songs)
Alphablocks (all videos are great!)
Everybody Sing the ABCs (Hooked On Phonics) 
Letters, Letters, Letters (Hooked on Phonics) 
Big and Small Letters (KidTV) 
We are the Alphabet (KidTV) 
ABC Under the Sea (KidTV)
ABC RAP (Bean & Frank)
ABC Rap (Dance Phonics)
What's This? (Alphabet Letters with pictures)
Alphabet Sounds (picture with sounds) 
Bean Bag Alphabet Rag (Hap Palmer...use a bean bag)  
Rhyme Time (Hooked on Phonics) 
Phonics Rhyming RAP Song (Bean & Frank)
Vowel Teams Muffin Songs AEIOU (lots of other videos)
Vowel Boot Camp (Read Between the Lion) 
The Vowel Samba (Jack Hartman)
AEIOU Song  
Short A (hooked on Phonics) 
Short E (Hooked on Phonics)
Short I (Hooked on Phonics)
Short O (Hooked on Phonics)
Short U (Hooked on Phonics) 
Popcorn Words (Jack Hartmann)
 Blending and Building Words
Reading Machine 1 (word families)
Reading Machine 2 (words families)
Hooked on Phonics (word families)  
If You Can Read "at" (Read Between the Lions) 
Word Families (Dr. Jean) 
The Big Pig (Hooked on Phonics) 
Word Boogie: Compound Words (Dr. Jean) 
Word Rules
Q without U (Read Between the Lions)  
Hard and Soft C (Electric Company)
When Two Vowels Go A Walking (Read Between the Lion) 
Syllable Lesson  (Robot Speak)
Silent e
Silent E (Electric Company) 
Silent E 
Parts of Speech and Grammar
Nouns (Have Fun Learning) 
Busy Prepositions (School House Rocks) 
Interjections (School House Rocks) 
The Nonfiction Trail (non fiction and fiction) 
Number Recognition and Counting
The Number Rock (Greg & Steve)
* Chicken Count (Jack Hartmann)
Counting to 10
LeapFrog's Math Circus (counting to 10)
LeapFrog's Math Circus (# recognition/counting to 10)
Counting to 20
Numbers Help Me Count (1-20) (Harry Kindergarten)
Count to 20  (Harry Kindergarten)
Counting with Leprechauns  (Harry Kindergarten)
Counting to 100
Let's Get Fit: Count to 100 (Jack Hartman) 
I Can Count to 100 (Harry Kindergarten)
Counting Superhero (Harry Kindergarten) 
Macerena Count to 100 (Dr. Jean) 
Pump Up to 100 (Dr. Jean) 
The Big Numbers Song (count to 100 w/ number recognition)
Counting by 2s, 5s, 10s
Whatcha Gonna Do? (Count by 2's, 5's, 10's) (Harry Kindergarten)
Counting by 2s (Have Fun Teaching)
Count by 2's (Jack Hartmann) 
School House Rocks: Counting by 5's
Count by 5's (Have Fun Learning)
Numbers in the Teens (Harry Kindergarten)
Numbers in the Twenties (Harry Kindergarten)
Numbers in the Teens Have a Group of Tens (Harry Kindergarten) 
Climbing Up This Mountain (by 10s to 100) (Harry Kindergarten) 
Number Words Rap 1-10 (Harry Kindergarten) 
Addition & Subtraction
1's Addition Song
I Can Add  (also in spanish)
5 Little Fish (Jack Hartmann) 
5 Little Monkeys in a Tree
10 In A Bed (subtraction) 
Add Em Up Rap (Harry Kindergarten) 
When You Add with a Pirate (Harry Kindergarten) 
When You Subtract with a Pirate (Harry Kindergarten) 
I Can Add Doubles 6-10 (Harry Kindergarten)  
Time and Clocks
Time: Minutes and Hours (Storybots) 
Calendar Songs
Days of the Week (Kid TV)
Days of the Week 2 (Kid TV)
Months of the Year (Kid TV)
Days of the Week (Greg and Steve) 
Ice Cream Calendar  (Days and months) (Busy Beavers)
Days of the Week (Busy Beavers)
Days of the Week Rap with TV (Harry Kindergarten)
How Many Days in a Week? (Harry Kindergarten) 
12 Months in a Year (Harry Kindergarten) 
* I'm Talkin' about the Weekend (Harry Kindergarten) 
DAY-O!  (Learning Station)
There are 7 Days in the Week  (Learning Station)
Months of the Year (Learning Station)  
Days of the Week (Have Fun Learning) 
Rock-N-Roll Days of the Week (Jack Hartmann) 
Seven Days (Story Bots) 
Twelve Months (Storybots) 
Money & Coins
3-D Shapes Rap (Harry Kindergarten)
2-D Shapes Rap
Shapes Song 1 (Kid TV)
* Shapes Song 2 (Kid TV)
Nonagon Shapes (pentagon, hexagon, octagon)
Shape Song (Have Fun Teaching) 
Shapes Draw in the Air  (Have Fun Learning) 
Mixture of Math
Galaxy Kids Math On The Bus (9 minutes....all math)
Galaxy Kids Math: In the Jungle (9 minutes....all math)
Weather & Seasons
The Four Seasons (Harry Kindergarten)
If You Need to Know the Seasons (Harry Kindergarten) 
* Chicken Soup with Rice (book and song)
Spring is Here (The Learning Station)
Four Seasons (Storybots) 
Going Green (Harry Kindergarten)
Plant Parts (Dr. Jean)
Butterfly Lifecycle (Harry Kindergarten) 
The Needs of an Animal (Harry Kindergarten) 
Froggy Froggy Life Cycle (Harry Kindergarten) 
Physical Science
Matter (solids, liquids, gas) (Harry Kindergarten) 
The Thermometer Song (Harry Kindergarten) 
Earth and Space
The Earth Song (Storybots) 
Outer Space (Storybots) 
The Solar System (KidsTV) 
GREAT "Real" Science Videos (I use them for transitions)
What a Wonderful World (great video of our world) 
Jazzy Jumpers (kids pretend to jump rope with the jumpers)
Vampire Bats  
National Geographic: Amazing Animals (over 100 videos) 
* Meet the Dinos (National Geographic) 
Nesting American Robin (feeding baby chicks)  
Patriotic or USA Songs 
BRAIN BREAKS and Movement Songs:
Goodmorning (Greg & Steve)
Kids Yoga (1)
Stretching Song (Have Fun Learning) 
 By Koo Koo Kangaroo 
Dinosaur Stomp (A Class Favorite!!!)
No Crust (Koo Koo Kanga Roo) 
What's That You Say? (Koo Koo Kanga Roo) 
Awesome Rainbows (Koo Koo Kanga Roo)
By Crazy Frogs
The Crazy Frog: Knight Rider (just for movement)
By Just Dance 
By Disney 
Afro Circus Remix (Madagadcar) 
Dance Along Surfs Up (Teen Beach Movie) 
By Sesame Street 
I Am Elmo And I Know It (My New Favorite Brain Break!!!) 
By Jack Hartmann 
Move to the Sounds (Jack Hartman)
My Whole Body Can Move (Jack Hartman)
By Dr. Jean
Banana Dance  
Hello Friends (Dr. Jean)  
By Harry Kindergarten
Mix of Artists
Happy (Pharrell Williams)
Classroom Management & Transition Songs
Tattle Questions (Harry Kindergarten)
It's Time to Clean Up (Harry Kindergarten)
Clean Up Robot (Harry Kindergarten) 
If You Want to Get the Teacher's Attention (Harry Kindergarten) 
Bully Free Zone! (Harry Kindergarten) 
Bucket Fillers (The Learning Station)
Don't Give Up (Bruno Mars and Sesame Street) 
All About Me (Body, Feelings,Senses) 
* Happy Birthday (KidTV)
My 5 Senses (Dr. Jean) 
5 Senses (Have Fun Learning) 
Sammy/I'm Glad I'm Me! (Hap Palmer) 
Body Song: Breathing (Storybots) 
Feeling Sad and Blue (Storybots) 
Happy Happy (Storybots)
When I'm Silly (Storybots) 
Colors Robot! (Harry Kindergarten) 
Color Song Collection (KidsTV) 
The Paint Has Colors (Busy Beavers) 
Color Farm (Dr. Jean) 
The Color Song (Hooked on Phonics) 
Green Song (Hiedi's Songs) 
Books To Read 
Kittens First Full Moon (Kevin Henkes) 
Author Study
Holidays and Special Days
Christopher Columbus
Halloween Night (Wow Wow Wubsey) 
5 Little Turkeys (The Learning Station) 
10 Little Turkeys (The Learning Station) 
The Littlest Pilgrim (Learning Station) 
Thank you for Thanksgiving (Storybots) 
Christmas/Gingerbread Man 
Up On the Roof Top (The Learning Station)
Crazy for Christmas (Storybots) 
Groundhog's Day
Martin Luther King
100th Day
Valentine's Day
It's Valentine's Day (Jack Hartman)
President's Day 
The Presidents (with Arthur)
43 Presidents Plus One (faces change)
Dr. Seuss
Dr. Seuss Clean Up (puppet characters)
St. Patrick's Day 
Counting with Leprechauns  (Harry Kindergarten)         
Earth Day
Going Green (Harry Kindergarten) 
Going Green (Having Fun Learning) 
The Bunny Goes Hop! (Harry Kindergarten) 
Subtract with a Pirate (Harry Kindergarten)
AR Pirate Song (Heidi's Songs)
Silly Pirate Song (Jack Hartman)
Portside Pirater (port=left, starboard=right)
Roll Up the Map: Disney Jr. (Jake & the Neverland Pirates)
Talk Like a Pirate: Disney Jr. (Jake & the Neverland Pirates)


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  3. Wow. This is an awesome collection. I can't wait to add some to my playlist!

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    1. Jaimie, Can I share a link to this blog post? I presenting at AISA (Alabama Independent School Association) on technology. I am talking about you tube and this is an awesome resource for teachers. Thanks again for sharing it!

    2. Hi Laura! Yes of course! I have presented at a lot of conferences because our school is a technology and project based learning school. I would love to know more about what you are presenting and get new ideas from you!!!!

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  8. Thanks for compiling such a great list, Jaimie! I wanted to suggest the ABCs, 123s, and science videos by They Might Be Giants. Most of the ABCs and 123s videos are on YouTube. They are also available as songs. My kids love them!

    1. Thank you for the great ideas Tammy
      ! I will definitely check them out and use them!!!!

  9. Alphabet and Sounds. * LeapFrog Letter Factory's Alphabet Sounds ...

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  13. Thank you for your generousity in sharing. God bless:)

  14. Thank you for your generousity in sharing. God bless:)

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    1. You've put a lot of hard work into compiling this list. Thank you for sharing it with us!

    2. You've put a lot of hard work into compiling this list. Thank you for sharing it with us!

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