Monday, September 17, 2012

DIY Projects

I have always loved being crafty and creative, but ever since I discovered PINTEREST, it's taken over my life with projects (but I love every minute of it!).

These are some Pinterest inspired projects I have created.

PROJECT: TO DO LISTS in frames with homemade bows.

I made the to do list on power point with KPM Doodles.

Below are the steps I used for making a cute bow.
Step 1: Drape the longest piece of ribbon over your hand, wrapping twice so that the ends of the ribbon face opposite directions.

Step 2: Place the folded ribbon on a flat surface.

Step 3: Gather and pinch the center of the ribbon to create a bow. 

Step 4: I pulled and messed with the ribbon while pinching it to make it look full and cute.

Step 5: Cut a long ribbon (about 7 inches)

Step 6: Wrap and tie the ribbon around the center of the bow.
Cut the extra ribbon.

Step 7: Use the extra ribbon and hot glue it to the back of the bow to add more flavor.

Step 8: Hot glue it to the top left side of the frame and cut the ribbon to your desired length.

These are some of the To Do List frames I made for my kinder-teacher friends down in KINDERWORLD.

Use a white board marker to write your to-do lists!!!

PROJECT: Reading Phones 

Step 1: Buy PVC Pipe from Home Depot
(I bought 2 bags above)

Step 2: Buy on a long PVC Pipe and cut 24 two inch pieces.

Step 3: Attach the PVC Pipe together so it looks like a phone.

Step 4: Spray paint them red (or the color of your choice)

Step 5: The next day, I put a second coat of spray paint on them.

I now have a class set of reading phones that can be used during the Daily Five.

PROJECT: Adorable and Decorated Clothespins 
(I use them to hang up art projects) 

Step 1: I measured and cut paper to fit on a clothespin
and used Hodge Podge to glue it down.
I also put a top coat of it on the top of the paper.

Step 2: I hot glued buttons, rhinestones and raffia to the clothespins.


Below are some clothespins I made for my bedroom:


 I got this cork board at Home Goods and added wire and scapbook paper for details.
I hang the clothespins on the wire and use it to display pictures, notes, reminders, etc.

PROJECT: Distressed Door for my bedroom
(I must admit, I found this door in the garage can at my daughter's preschool. The Pinterista in me, knew I could create something cute from it).

 Step 1: Clean it! It was filthy!

Step 2: Add distress marks on it with a hammer, drill, etc.

Step 3: Paint it white.

Step 4: The next day, put on a second coat (I used spray paint)

Step 5: Spray paint it the color of your choice.
I love turquoise so much right now!



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