Sunday, December 16, 2012

You've been R.A.C.Ked

I love Christmas and I love giving. I want to teach my daughter the true meaning of Christmas and that giving is so much more rewarding than getting. I kept seeing "RACK" ideas on Pinterest. 
RACK stands for Random Acts of Christmas Kindness.
I especially loved the ideas from 

RACK IS NOT MY IDEA!  I used the ideas from the two websites above but created my own templates to follow what we would be doing in our home. A lot of people do 25 days of RACK, but I am only doing the last 12 days of Christmas.

The top part of the card is our family activity and the bottom is our RACK for the day. This is such a powerful and meaningful way for a child to experience giving! I love what Cara Carroll said, "There is no greater blessing than being able to bless others with kindness and this will definitely be a tradition we continue for years to come.  Such a blessing to spread God’s love and keep the TRUE meaning of the season at the forefront!" I absolutely agree!

You can download my 

This is my daughter Makena. We had a picnic next to the Christmas tree. I let her do all the setting up and decorating for our special dinner. We had potato soup and goodies. 
It was one of my favorite things I have EVER done!

If you would like more ideas about RACKing, you can check out my Serving Others Pinterest board.

These are some great ideas from First Grade Parade:


These are some great ideas from Lil Light of Mine:

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