Friday, November 30, 2012

Gingerbread Unit and Christmas Fun

I am so excited!
I put my first items on Teacher Pay Teachers!
Check them out below!!!

Here are some pics of my little cuties using some of these activities:
 Baking Up Some Sight Words! Students scoop up gingerbread cookies
and match the sight word to the candy.

These are the ingredients and the gingerbread recipe. 
We made a gingerbread man together as a class.

We made our very own gingerbread man!!!!
While were making him, the students wrote the cooking steps.

 How many words can you build with the words "Gingerbread Man"

 Building CVC words with magnets and tiles.

Baking up rhyming words!

Rolling Pin and Tally Game!


Comparing and Contrasting all the Gingerbread stories

On the last of school before winter break, I set up gingerbread man literacy and math stations.
Almost all these fun activities can be found in my
Here are some of the activities we did:

 We used gingerbread man play-dough and gingerbread play-dough mats from
to practice counting.  

Matching letters with pictures that make the same sound

Sight Word Practice (scoop a gingerbread man from the tray and search for the matching candy)

Roll a Gingerbread Picture (woman, gumdrop, fox, gingerbread man, etc)
 and find the matching letter

Put a gingerbread baby puzzle together

Ipods: Play "Oven Break" (a gingerbread App)

Computers: Create a gingerbread man on


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