Monday, November 5, 2012

Election Day

Kindergartners VOTED for PRESIDENT!

We ran a mock election and students voted for Obama or Romney.

First, we dicussed the two candidates and looked at this
We also looked at election information at
This site has neat facts information about the two candidates (favorite hobbies, interests, foods).
The kinders voted on who they liked better based on these facts.
We DID NOT get political in Kinderworld!

Next, we used an adorable
 for our mock election.
Thank you First Grade Fever for this FREEBIE!!!!!!

We VOTED at our own polls!

 After the kiddos voted, they received a 
sticker that said, "I VOTED". 

We analyzed and graphed our data.

Obama had the most votes and 
won again for President.

Theses are cute Youtube videos!
History of Voting
Charlie Brown: The Election
School House Rocks: College Election
School House Rocks: Send My Vote to College
School House Rocks: Rock the Vote!
School House Rocks: Presedential Minute

 Election Song For Kids

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