Monday, November 10, 2014

Excellent Tool to Create Rubrics for Your Class

I just learned about an amazing new site called RUBISTAR where teachers can create FREE educational rubrics for  their class!!!

Rubistar is very simple and easy to use. To create a rubric on Rubistar, just choose your topic from the list provided there and select a template from its gallery and fill in your  info. 

In Kinderworld, we have been working on digital storytelling using the Felt Board app. The students need to create a setting, characters, problem and solution on one page on the ipad. I just wasn't sure how to assess this so I created a rubric on Rubistar.

First, I selected WRITING as the rubric focus. Then I clicked on STORYTELLING. After,
I was given several options to create a personalized rubric for my class. This is a screen shot of the rubric I created.

When I was finished, I simply clicked SUBMIT and WAHLAH! My rubric was created!
Easy Peezy Lemon Squeezy!

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