Monday, November 3, 2014

50th Day Of School!

I don't know about you, but celebrating the 50th day of school is one of my favorite days in KINDERWORLD! We have a BOOGIE WOOGIE TIME! 
You can purchase my 

We all dress up 50s Style!
Ideas for Cuties:
Poodle Skirt, Scarves, Sweaters, Pearls, Bowling Shoes, Pony Tails, 
Cheerleader Outfits, Pink Lady Jacket, Skinny Leans, Big Bows, Ruffle Socks

Ideas for Greasers:   
White Shirts, Rolled Up Jeans, Letter Jacket, Letterman's Jacket,
Football Jersey, Converse Shoes, Slicked Back Hair, Black Glasses, Sweater         

 This adorable FIFTIES FRIENDS 

This is a Bulletin Board Idea!

You can't celebrate the 50th Day without a 

                             This is me with some of my cuties!
They love watching me blow bubbles!

As an extension activity, we play Bubble Gum Vowels.
We practice short a and short o vowels. 
This game is also in my TPT pack.

It's time for a SOCK HOP!!!! 
We watch these 50s videos from YOUTUBE: 

The Videos are Linked Below or in my 

There are a TON of fun and engaging 
Activities you can do with 
your cuties and greasers on the 50th day!

We also COMPARE and CONTRAST the way people lived then and now.
Here are some great YOUTUBE links to see the 50s!

Social Studies:
We compared then and now with a venn diagram.
We looked at real pictures.
Cars (Ford Mustang), Fashion, Barbies, Books (Dick in Jane, Pete the Cat), Restaurants (50s diners, McDonalds), Technology (typewriter/computer, record/cd, jukebox/ipod, phones), Toys (jacks/ball, pogo stick/electric scooters, potato heads, rollerskates/scooters)

We looked at all the Youtube videos I have posted below.

Did you know LEGOS were invented in the 1950s?
I give each student a bag of 50 LEGOS and let them build away!
The next day, we create a class book.

 At the end of the day, we celebrate with a Mock Drive-In and have Root Beer and Popcorn!
We made Ford Mustangs from card board for the kids to sit in.
You can also just let them sit in empty boxes.
We watch a movie made in the 1950s. 
Here is a list of G movies made in the 1950s:
Peter Pan
Alice in Wonderland
Sleeping Beauty
My New Favorite: Teen Beach Movie!!! The kids go back to the 1950s (and it's rated G)

This is my Schedule Below. 
I am very flexible and welcome change.
If needed, I may finish activities the next day.

Here are some great YOUTUBE videos:

Rock Around The Clock

Yakety Yak

1950 Commercials

Kool Aid



ABC Cereal Commercial

1950s A Quiet Class (This is great to teach Classroom Management)

1950s Toys

1950s Songs for Kids

Happy Days

1950s Fashion: Dresses and Skirts

Children's 1950s Costume Ideas

1950s Cars (Buick)

1950s Record Player


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