Sunday, February 24, 2013

America! U.S Presidents and Symbols

We learned all about U.S Presidents and Symbols!

This can all be found in my AMERICA UNIT!

We made these ADORABLE 
George Washington and Abraham Lincoln Faces!

This is a great activity to help with rhyming.

Students read the two rhyming words in the cloud
and listen if they rhyme with the picture on 
Lincoln's Log Cabin. If they all rhyme, they put a penny "heads up" on the door.
If it does not rhyme, they put a penny "tails down" on the door. I let the kiddos use whisper phones.
You can purchase whisper phones at Lakeshore Learning but I made my own out of PVC pipe.
See how HERE.

This is my daughter Makena practicing!

We learned all about becoming a president with this interactive activity at Scholastic.
Click below:

After, we made a class book, 
"If I Were President" I would...

Then, we made and read our own book "If I Were President".

We used red, white and blue cards to create words with 
word families and letters.

We learned all about U.S Symbols!

We made these adorable U.S Symbols.
I have step by step directions in my TPT unit.

We compared and contrasted U.S Symbols and Global Symbols.

 In small groups, students sorted U.S Symbols and NOT U.S Symbols

During WORK on WRITING for the Daily 5, 
students did "U.S Write the Room".

We read books about U.S Symbols

We looked at coins and observed
 Presidents and Symbols on them all.
This is all in my TPT unit!

We sang this MONEY POEM (again in my TPT unit).
You can listen to this song on YOUTUBE at Teacher Tipster.

I made a life size ABRAHAM LINCOLN and we compared how tall we were with him. 
The kiddos loved this!

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