Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Western Visual and Picture Direction Cards!

I made more fun Western stuff for my classroom!

is perfect for all students, especially visual, ELL and early learners!

This is a FANTASTIC classroom management item that really made a positive difference in 

While giving directions, instructions, steps or how to directions, I use these picture and visual direction cards to help kiddos visually see what to do and follow easy to see steps!

The pictures on the posters have a western theme with colorful gingham backgrounds that your kiddos will love! The posters will look adorable in a western themed classroom or be perfect for a western unit!!

Colors include:
red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple,
pink, turquoise, lime green and light orange.

Includes Cards for:
Directions, Instructions, Steps, How To

Includes Number Cards for 1-12

62 Picture Cards Include:
write, cut, glue (bottle and glue stick), paste, paint, color (crayons and markers), draw, copy, trace, name, highlight, underline, letter (your paper), number (your paper), read, listen, clipboard, whiteboard, sharpen, staple, file (in folder), file (in binder), hole punch, paper clip, erase, tape, measure, graph, count (numbers and money), add, subtract, multiply, divide, build, tally, thumbs up, cover up, work alone, partner work, unstack chairs, stack chairs, fold (both styles), wash hands, clean up, centers, unfinished work, pick up trash, tidy desks, put in mailbox, turn in, line up, sit at rug, lunch, snack, stop, recess, pack up, bus

You and your kiddos will LOVE this item!
See some of the examples from my pack below:

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