Friday, May 10, 2013

Mother's Day Tea!

PHEW! We made it through our Mother's Day Tea today!
It was so much fun!!!!

You can purchase a lot of the little "goodies"
Here are some pictures of our day:

This was our main food table.
We had muffins (donated by Mimi's Cafe),
croissants, grapes and water (donated by Costco),
scones (our amazing Vice Principal made them for us, along with her homemade butter!!!!),
hot tea (donated by Starbucks)
and cold tea (which I got at the Dollar Store).

I brought in a lot of my own platters and pitchers.
I put doilies under everything to give it a real tea feel.
I made the little bear signs (which are all in my Mother's Day Tea TPT Unit).

I used white linens for the tables
 (you can use regular plastic table clothes as well, I just have a lot of my own).
Since our theme was TEDDY BEARS and TEAPOTS, I had each of the kids bring in a teddy bear from home. This was an easy and CHEAP way to decorate the tables.
I used recycled jam jars for the centerpieces and put PICKED BOCA-VILLA flowers inside them (again easy and no cost at all)!
I put doilies under the jars.

This is the BEARY SPECIAL BOOKLET each of the little love muffins made for their  mommies, grandmas and aunties. It is full of cute gifts. Again, it is all in my TPT unit.

The boys wore homemade ties and the girls wore bonnets. 

The bonnets were made from paper plates and bowls.
I cut a large circle in the center of the plate and stapled a bowl to it. 
I hole punched to holes on the sides and added yarn.
The kiddos decorated them with ribbon, flowers and stickers.

I set up 2 photo areas.
My daughter has all this tea stuff in her room so I just grabbed it. 

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful, hard-working mommies!

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