Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dr. Seuss Week

Dr. Seuss week is so much fun in Kinderworld!
Each day we read a new Dr. Seuss book and do 
FUN and SEUSSTASTIC activities!

During the week, we do the activities from my 

Here's a Peek at our week:

Monday: Fox in Socks and One Fish Two Fish
*Wear Silly Socks
*Graph "Do you have on silly socks?
*Math: Silly Socks Add and Cover
*Small Groups: Fishing For Digraphs
*Begin Horton Hears a Who, Where, What, How Anchor Chart
*Begin listing silly characters on Thing 1 poster
*Guest Reader (this year we had a Sheriff from our city!!!)

Tuesday: Green Eggs and Ham
*Make Green Eggs and Ham
*Graph "Do you like green eggs and ham?
*Write a recipe for green eggs and ham
*Small groups: Funny Side Up Blending Activity and green eggs poem rhyming match
*Youtube: Tim Tebow reads Green Eggs and Ham

Wednesday: Wacky Wednesday and Wocket in My Pocket
*Dress Wacky
*Class Book "On Wednesday...was wacky!"
*Wocket in My Pocket (Pixie project: kids make their own silly character that could be at school. For example, "There is a Zesk on my desk" or "There is a Snable on my table").
*Group Activity: Kids create a "Wocket" character in table groups
*Small Groups: Play Wocket in my pocket rhyming game and fill in the missing vowel sound

Thursday: Hop on Pop and Oh The Places You'll Go!"
*Field trip to the CYT Play Seussical!
*Kiddos create their own silly Dr. Seuss Character
*Small Groups: Hop on Pop ending sounds activity

Friday: Cat in the Hat and Horton Hears a Who
*Wear Red, black and white
*Writing: If Cat in the Hat came to my house I would...
or If Thing 1 and 2 came to my house I would...
*Youtube: Justin Bieber reads Cat in the Hat
*Write the Room: Dr. Seuss Characters (do during Work on Writing for the Daily 5)
*Small Groups:Build words with the -ell, -ake, -op and -ame word families.
*Art: Dr. Seuss Directed drawing
* Cat in the Hat come to visit!!!!

The following Monday: Wrappin Up!
*What is your favorite Dr. Seuss Book?
*Math: One Fish Two Fish Spin and Tally
*My Dr. Seuss Rhyming Book
*Small Groups: Real or Nonsense Word Sort

These are some of the activities we do during the week. These are all in my TPT Dr. Seuss unit.

          Dr. Seuss Unit. You can get it HERE on TPT.

We had a blast making green eggs and ham!
The kiddos created a recipe while we made it together.
First, we gathered our ingredients.

Then we made it and TASTED THEM!

We graphed on the Promethean Board, "Did you like green eggs and ham?"

Our special guest "Cat in the Hat" read Dr. Seuss stories.

We have an AMAZING school! Each classroom was in charge of creating a "Dr. Seuss window" outside his/her room! Check out some of the SEUSSTASTIC ideas!!!!

 These bottom ones are from KINDERWORLD!
My awesome kinder buddy is in room KB and I am in KA so we decided to be

Thing A and B were holding kites and everything below was attached to the kites!

I made this Horton for my other kinder buddy!


  1. Hi, I just want to thank you for sharing all these wonderful ideas on your blog. We don't have much resources in Taiwan, and you blog provides me with a lot of ideas. I am just a mother who wants to enjoy Dr. Seuss books with my kids and hate to always stick to the books only. So again, your posts inspire me a lot and I want to thank you for this!

  2. Hello my friend. Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas. I just wanted to let you know your link ("Dr. Seuss Unit. You can get it HERE on TPT.") connects to an Elf on the Shelf" unit, not Dr. Seuss.
    I'd love to have the proper link.
    Thanks Again :-)